Pastor & First Lady Morrisey Biography

Suffragan Bishop G. Victor Morrisey Jr. was born on October 10, 1960, in Kokomo, IN. to George Victor and Mary Morrisey Sr. G. Victor spent his adolescent years attending Indiana Public Schools not fully realizing the plans God had in store for him.

During the summer of 1980, at an Apostolic Bibleway Church in Toledo, OH, G. Victor was baptized in the name of Jesus. On October 17, 1980 in the lobby of a dorm at Indiana University, he was adopted into the royal family of God by receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Endowed with zeal, and energy, Brother Morrisey answered the call to preach the gospel to every creature. This would be just the beginning of the many life- changing experiences for Minister Morrisey as he was united in marriage to Theresa Lynn Miles on August 4, 1984.

In 1987, Minister Morrisey was appointed the position of Assistant Pastor of the Apostolic Lighthouse Church in Bloomington, IN where he and Sister Morrisey were members. In June of 1997, Elder Morrisey followed the leading of the Lord and became the Pastor of New Fellowship Family Church in Indianapolis, IN. While the man of God delivered the word of God, the Lord added to the kingdom of God. On May 9, 1999, Pastor Morrisey, his family and five other families began the ministry that is now known as God's Love Christian Church.

A faithful supporter of the Apostolic Bible Student Association of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc., Suffragan Bishop Morrisey has held such positions as:

  • President and Treasurer in the Southern District of the Indiana State Young People's Union,
  • Treasurer of the A.B.S.A State Sunday School Department,
  • Recruiter, Teacher and Dean at Aenon Bible College,
  • Chairman of the Ordination Committee for the A.B.S.A. Council of Indiana,
  • Works on a number of other committees within the A.B.S.A.

Due to his faithfulness in the A.B.S.A. Council, Suffragran Bishop Morrisey has been elevated going from a minister, pastor, District Elder and now Suffragan Bishop.

Suffragan Bishop Morrisey is an Alumnus of Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Suffragan Bishop Morrisey continues to be a warrior for God while teaching seminars and workshops on Church Leadership and Administration, Soul Winning and Evangelism, and Christian Development. He is known for his energetic style of preaching and excellent exegesis of the Word of God. Suffragan Bishop and First Lady Morrisey are the proud parents of George Victor III, and Britney Lynn Morrisey, and the God's Love Church Family.


First Lady Theresa Morrisey
Theresa Morrisey was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Born the fifth child of seven, she is the eldest daughter of Deacon and “Mother” Miles. With a strong Christian upbringing, she actively participated in Sunday school, junior usher board and choirs at All Friends Missionary Baptist Church.

Furthering her education, she left Indianapolis and went to Indiana University Bloomington Campus where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Administration in 1984. Bloomington Indiana became a special memorable place in the heart of Lady Morrisey for several reasons. It is not just where she gained greater knowledge academically, but also spiritually under the pastoralship of Elder Charles M. Finnell, (presently Bishop Charles M. Finnell) and mentoring of Lady Vivian Finnell, at Apostolic Lighthouse Church; and was baptized in Jesus Name and received the infilling of the Holy Ghost. While attending IU, she met a very spirited and delightful young man, G. Victor Morrisey, Jr., who were later united together in holy matrimony in 1984. The Lord has graciously allowed them to be blessed to raise two beautiful children, George Victor Morrisey, III and Britney Lyn Morrisey.

Affectionately known as “Tree-Baby” by her husband, Lady Morrisey, is a major supporter of her husband Suffragan Bishop G. Victor Morrisey and the God’s Love Church Family. She is a dedicated wife and mother, as well as “Mother” of the church. Her wisdom, poise, and grace is a testament of the Holy Ghost within her and an example to women of all ages, young and old. She is known for her counseling gift that seems to make the toughest situations seem small and simple.
Lady Morrisey has supported church ministry throughout the years and has served in the following ministries:

  • President, DOVE Ministry (Daughters of Virtue and Excellence)
  • Director, God’s Love Christian Daycare
  • Church Administrator
  • Choir Director
  • Secretary, ABSA MWMWA
  • Sunday School teacher

Lady Morrisey is faithful in the House of God and can be found working in various capacities from working in the kitchen ministry to cleaning the church. She is a gifted and anointed singer. Singing with much conviction and enthusiasm, she is known as a “Songbird” to many. Although she is an anointed soloist, Lady Morrisey sings faithfully on the praise team and choir and one of her favorite scriptures is Romans 12:1-2 and favorite song is “God’s Woman” which both speak to the sentiments of her heart towards pleasing God.