Our Church

God's Love is a Christian Church that has its faith rooted and grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose from the dead the third day. We have identified ourselves through his death, burial and resurrection by repenting of our sins and being baptized in the name of Jesus and being filled with the Holy Ghost.

God's Love Christian Church was founded in May of 1999, based on a vision God gave our Pastor and founder, Suffragan Bishop G. Victor Morrisey, to have a church that focuses on teaching and preaching the true word of God, and loving the people in the way that God would love them. Here at God's Love Christian Church, we understand that ministry is about people - That's YOU!

One of the ways in which we serve God is by serving God's people. It is our aim to love you in the same manner and magnitude that Christ loves you. It is our goal to ensure that you receive a strong knowledge and understanding of God's word. The Lord would have all of us to know that we do not have to be bound by sin or any of the devices of the adversary. We can live above sin!

"Because of" love, we love people because they did this or because they did that, but the Bible says that when we were unlovable, Christ still loved us. He does not love us because of what we do. The bible says that the devil is the constant a4ccuser of the brethren both day and night. He's constantly accusing us before God. But God says "SO" I love them anyway! So take advantage of the love of God, and allow the love of God to come into your hearts, save your soul that you too can live above sin.

We invite you to “Come Experience the Love and Salvation of God!"